An agreement of a sport club`s member

Club details
Name: Sport Club Reval-Sport
Registry code: 80092565
Location: Aia 20, Tallinn 10111
Phone: 6449052
a / a no: 221039349731 Swedbank

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First Name:
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Representative of a minor member of the club:
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General information of the membership.

Date of an agreement:

Membership card (to be filled in by the club):

Membership fee:

Membership package: Children’s swimming course

Agreement is valid from (date):

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  1. The sports club allows its members (hereinafter a member) to use the sports facility at Aia 20 / Väike Rannavärava 4 under the conditions provided in this Agreement.
  1. The Parties shall also be guided by the statutes of the NGO, the internal rules of the sports club and the membership fees established by the sports club in the performance of this agreement (sports club website
  1. Rights and obligations of the parties


2.1. A sports club allows a member of the club to use a sports facility in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement, provided that the member of the sports club has paid the membership fee on time.

2.2. A sports club member undertakes to submit a membership card that is personal when entering a sports club.

2.3. The membership card for a sports club is valid only for the person indicated on this card. The rights of a sports club member can not be surrendered without the consent of the sports club.

2.4. The use of a sports facility shall be in accordance with internal rules and membership fee rates.

2.5. If the use of a certain training requires prior registration, the member of the sports club is required to register in time.

2.6. The use of a sports facility by a member of a sports club is organized by the administration, which provides the sports club member with information, if necessary, and observes compliance with the internal rules.

2.7. The sports club administrator has the right to ask a member of the sports club for a personal identification document to determine if the membership card belongs to a sports club member.

2.8. In a sports club, a member of the sports club can leave the outerwear locked in the closet. The sports club will not be resposible for the value left to the wardrobe.

2.9. The sports club has the right to make changes to the training schedule.

2.10. The sports club has the right to display the club member’s photo on the sports club’s computer.

2.11. A sports club member has the opportunity to deposit free-of-charge valuables to the sports club’s administrator.

2.12. A member of the sports club is obligated to take pride in the club’s property, to maintain proper training equipment, in the dressing room according to the rules of the internal rules.

2.13. A sports club member is required to place the training equipment in a designated place.

2.14. The sports club is entitled to unilaterally terminate the contract if the sports club member does not comply with clause 2.13 of the agreement.

2.15. The club is not responsible for the health status of the member of the club when the member of the club is in the club ‘s territory.

3.Payment of the membership fee 

3.1. A member of the sports club will pay a membership fee before using the sports facility. The prerequisite for using a sports facility is a membership fee paid by a member of the sports club and paid to the sports club.


3.2. Club membership fee is set for the academic year (annual fee) and membership fee can be paid in the form of periodic payments during the year. A sports club member has the option to enter into an on-line e-invoice agreement with the bank for periodic payment or pay a periodic payment in cash to the sports club’s cash desk.


3.3. An annual fee will not be refunded to the member and the annual fee paid as a periodic payment will also be paid if the member unilaterally terminates the rights and obligations of the hobby member 12 months after the conclusion of the contract.


3.4. An E-invoice payment contract is a tripartite agreement between the Club, the Member and the Bank indicated by the Member. An E-invoice permanent payment contract authorizes a Member to send invoices to the bank reflecting payments under the Agreement. In this regard, the member of the club undertakes to reserve a sufficient amount of money to make a payment on the current account by the payment day.


3.5. At the conclusion of the contract, the first periodic payment will be paid in cash at the cash register of the sports club or in accordance with the submitted invoice.


3.6. The prices for the use of the sports facility are determined by the subscription fee list. Membership fees are in the administration and on the sports club’s website


3.7. If a member of the sports club does not wish to enter into a rights and obligations agreement, he / she will pay it according to the price list valid at the time of payment.


3.8. A sports club has the right to collect a member’s annual membership fee through a collection company, and all the additonal expenses incurred by a member will be paid by a member.


3.9. The sports club has the right to claim interest on late payment at the expense of 0.2% for each delayed day and the right to file a claim against the company providing the incase service company for the payment of interest for late payment on payment of the payments provided for in the Agreement. The Club’s invoice will be submitted for late payment.

3.10. A member has no right to terminate or change an agreement on fixed-term e-invoices without termination of the Agreement.

3.11. Failure to pay a membership fee on time will result in the suspendision of club member`s membership card and will be opened three working days after payment of the membership fee to the sports club account.

3.12. In the period from 25/12/2018 to 01/01/2019 and on national holidays there are no training sessions.

4. Fullifillment of the agreement

4.1. The sports club expects a member who has paid the mebership fee to use a sports facility in accordance with the training plan.

4.2. If a member of the sports club wants to stop using the sports facility, he must inform the sports club as soon as possible.

5. Notifications

5.1. The parties shall inform each other of the essential facts of the performance of the agreement as soon as possible.

5.2. The notice for amendment or termination of the agreement must be submitted in a written reproduction form (written statement, e-mail)

6. Early termination of the agreement

6.1. A member of the sports club may exceptionally terminate the membership of a sports club by notifying the sports club 2 (two) months in advance

7. Agreement period

7.1. The agreement is concluded for one season (September-May).

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Representative of the sport club                                         Legal representative of the member of a sport club


Representative of the sport club                                         Legal representative of the member of a sport club